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Song: Pomp & Circumstance


TSD Grade 8


   ACES May 20 at 9 am   

    TES May 20 at 9 am    

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Some Careers are Life-Time Jobs!


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Headlines & Features

  • 15th Youth of the Year
    2015 Brunch
    boys and girls club  

    TSD Students were recognized at the Arizona City Branch:

    The Youth of the Year program is a national Boys & Girls Club program that celebrates youth who have demonstrated exceptional character and accomplishments. Forty-two young people were recognized for service to their Club and community, academic performance and contributions to their family.
    • Lexia Anguemea and Ezekiel Gates: Art Room
    • Karen Medrano and Mario Benton: Computer Lab
    • Jayda Alarcon and Erick Alarcon: Games Room
    • Ayanna Edwards and Alberto Granados: Gym
    • Anika Gates: Female Club Member of the Year
    • Joshua Calderon: Male Club Member of the Year
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  • buddy
    Toltec School District
    conducted a survey of it's stakeholders regarding school configurations. An excellent response rate, 900+ participants, included staff,students and parents.

    This survey is in alignment with our AdvancED improvement priorities which are:
    • Develop, implement and annually evaluate a comprehensive strategic process to provide direction for all system improvement activities and resource management ensuring systematic and systemic improvement.
    • Develop, implement and evaluate system wide protocols and procedures for data collection and analysis.
    • Increase the level of meaningful stakeholder engagement supporting the system's purpose and direction.

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Staff can visit  https://sites.google.com/a/toltecsd.org/it/  for tech help or to contact IT support.

May 20
  1/2 day  
Early Release 
 1 PM   

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Toltec Elementary:  

Karen Robello
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Arizona City Elementary:  

Brittany Payne
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Cambridge Prep. Academy:
TJ Fisher 
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You're the Best  

2014 - 2015
in the Toltec School District.
No application required.
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Casa Grande  wave
School items to  ACES
Donations for girls in 10 classrooms!
Also, teachers received chocolates!

Target Fund Raiser  
FUNDRAISER for our schools. Sign-Up at 
Let's turn our Target charge/debit Red Cards
into money makers for the schools!!
We make % of each purchase as a donation
from Target  just by using Red cards!!